Cast off - Raft ahoy!

...silently the raft starts to float through the romantic scene of the "Altmain" - a tour through the unspoiled nature of the most famous region of Main Franconia, the "Mainschleife".

Enjoy a relaxing, peaceful raft trip on one of the oldest transport routes in Germany. For centuries, until the 1950s, raftsmen from the Fichtelgebirge had laboriously transported their rafts made of spruce logs down the Main river.

For a long time, the "Altmain" has been unnavigable so that it could be kept in its charming, untouched nature for many decades. Thus, our raft trip through the idyllic landscape of Main Franconia will be a very special and unique experience for you.

After having the tour started at the "Sandgrube" in Astheim, a part of the little city of Volkach which is known for its wine, we pass the Vogelsburg and the famous vineyards "Escherndorfer Lump". After a while we reach the wine villages Escherndorf and Nordheim where the wine "Nordheimer Vögelein" comes from.
While the raft is floating down the river, we reach the little wine village Köhler which surrounding vineyards almost reach the riverside.
After Köhler the most quiet part of our tour starts - right through the middle of untouched nature and the idyllic landscape of old floodplain meadows with their lush flora and fauna. After some time we arrive at the next village on the left riverside: Sommerach and its known vineyards "Katzenkopf".
We continue our raft trip until we reach our final destination Gerlachshausen. Depending on the current of the river, the driving time is 3.5 hours. Enjoy the trip; we will entertain you with an interesting and also informative program.

Our rafts are unique in "Weinfranken". With a length of 21 m, a width of 7.5 m and a weight of 20t they are able to transport about 75 guests per raft.











In the peace and quiet will hear only the soft murmur of water and the songs of the birds.

But also sitting together on the raft can be an experience. Culinary specialties and selected wines complete our tour in harmony with nature.